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sustainable broadcasts
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what’s on? Thirteen 12-minute films, together with a 240-page book, a DVD, and a website linking to youth-led sustainable development projects around the world: all this is contained in the Sustainability Student Action Kit, produced by Global Vision in collaboration with Peace Child International, a youth-led network of 500 student groups in 120 countries which has published a widely-acclaimed series of books on global issues and hosted the Millennium Young Peoples' Congress in Hawaii in 1999 and the World Congress of Youth in Casablanca in 2003 to identify their global concerns, co-ordinate their strategies, and implement youth-led action projects for sustainable development in their schools and communities.

moved by movies: the films are intended to convince cinema audiences, TV viewers, web surfers, videocassette viewers, and young people around the world – especially secondary school students and their teachers – that humankind now has the wherewithal to develop a form of civilisation that can be economically healthy, socially equitable, and ecologically sustainable.

The series will be shot on wide-screen Digital Betacam videotape, and converted to 35mm film for theatrical release in cinemas. It will be released in all six UN language versions: English, French, Spanish, Russian, Arabic and Chinese (Mandarin).

The films themselves are designed as catalysts for discussion on global issues and solutions, and will be backed up by supplementary information - including resources, teaching and learning ideas, and links to relevant organisations.

the director: in a visually exciting and intellectually stimulating style created by Michael O'Callaghan and Dreamchaser Productions, each film will show why sustainability is necessary, focus on the benefits it offers, and demonstrate two or three practical examples of solutions to global problems that are being implemented now. The directorial style will be upbeat and fun, with breathtaking cinematography, original and stock footage, interview clips, voice-over, computer graphics, animation, and the best of world music for its young viewers. Martin Scorsese has kindly donated the theme music track The Feeling Begins, by Peter Gabriel.

the plot: Sustainability's content is meant to surprise, inform, and inspire the viewer to action. The series will explore the larger meaning of its title by providing a global overview of the following ten inter-related subjects: Environment, Economics & Development, Human Potential, Health, Human Rights, Population, Religious Pluralism, Women's Issues, Peacekeeping & Peace-making, Education & Communications.

The approach is discovery-oriented rather than instructive. Each film is designed as a catalyst to:
  • attract the viewers’ attention through a clear and succinct outline of the world situation relating to its title subject, through a whole systems approach that evokes the pattern that connects global issues to each other and to our way of seeing them: what seems like a problem is also an opportunity;

  • stimulate their interests by briefly describing the nature and extent of global problems in a way that emphasises the need to take personal responsibility for implementing local solutions;

  • arouse their desires to participate by presenting world-class examples of relevant solutions in a mythic way that (1) fires up their imagination, (2) conveys a sense of historical movement, and (3) motivates them to develop innovative approaches in co-operation with various stakeholders such as UN agencies, governments, local authorities, NGOs, universities, schools, and the private sector.
To ensure that both the substance and style of the films meet the real concerns and educational needs of young people, the design process also involves creative input from teenage members of Peace Child International, whose 17-year old Co-ordinator for Argentina will host the films.

Sustainability will take its audience on a trip around the world to meet leading role models for the 21st century. These are visionary individuals and organisations that have made solving global problems - often at the local level - their principal goal. The film series will thus form a unique historical overview of the worldwide sustainable development effort now underway, creating a positive vision of the future at the dawn of the new millennium.

the producer: Global Vision Corporation is an independent non-profit non-governmental organisation (NGO) accredited to the United Nations Commission on Sustainable Development (CSD), a network of fifty-three governments and over 700 NGOs collaborating to implement Agenda 21, the international action plan for the sustainable development of our planet

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