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website: www.ebloodclothing.com

eblood clothing
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name: Fabio Raffaeli
organisation: Eblood
country: Italy
type of biz: clothes manufacturer

In this section, YXC has developed an imaginary interview with Fabio Raffaeli, founder of EBLOOD Clothing. The company started in Turin in 1999 in order to create a technical, stylish and ethical clothing. Eblood gives full support to the cause of animal liberation and veganism, therefore, none of their items contains components of animal origin like wool, leather, suede or silk. YXC thanks his virtual interlocutor for his contribution.

How did you get started and why? What I had in mind for us was the conception of small realities capable to feed us and make us live a decent and happy existence. That is basically how this whole game about Eblood, my clothing company, came around. We have tried to combine our experience as skateboarders and musicians to match the necessities of today's modern clothing exigencies. Since the beginning, we have kept our focus on total quality and style trying to offer a product launched with innovative fabrics along with a rough street image, fitting the taste of those who truly live the street spirit in every form and shape.

Why are people attracted to your organisation? We don't feel it's necessary to exploit beautiful creatures just to make us look good. This belief, along with the idea of pushing a sober lifestyle, is one of the core reasons that gave us the strength to give birth to this pretentious but radical project. We hope more and more kids will feel attracted by a clean, positive, cruelty and drug-free way of living showing more respect towards our planet, the animals and human beings in their every day life. Without the precious support shown by kids all over the planet we would have not reached the point we are at right now, that is why we feel obligated to thank you all for your enthusiasm, we are hoping to grow and evolve with time.

How did you gain and maintain their trust? I want Eblood Clothing, Inc. to be something kids can count on, a coherent company which will keep on offering top quality and stylish apparel, which will never obviously use any component of animal origin and will always try to push a clean, positive drug-free lifestyle into that world that has often happened to deride these choices making younger generations more vulnerable to join brainless stereotypes and fit rigid categories.

How do you ‘measure’ the success of your organisation? These days EBLOOD is distributed in almost every major country around the globe, clearly we need to grow both production and distribution wise. We have developed a certain image for the brand, something I want to keep as unique worldwide, giving the original sense to everything which will ever be associated with our name.

What were the major obstacles encountered and how did you overcome them? On mainstream fashion magazines the ideals connected to earth/human and animal liberation have never really been approached and ignorance is still running rampant… The idea has been, and still is, that of giving proper reasoning for everything we do through every channel we adopt for promotion, from stickers to the publicity we print on skateboarding mags, hip hop, etc. All done in the hope to make a kid turn around and say: what’s that standing for? That question would be worth all my fatigue.

And your last comment for us is... We are constantly looking for artists, performers, actors, Dj's, movie makers, athletes to promote and support, though we only focus on those individuals and companies whose ethics walk alongside our beliefs. Through our hard work we try to compete with established companies keeping a strong focus on our beliefs. It's not about accumulating wealth, like Dead Prez says, the only wealth comes from good health, we are here to show that we can pay our bills, feed our kids but still face the truth of the atrocities around us. We can make a little change, your support to our company is already helping us to create a weapon. Now it's your turn to invent, use your intelligence, make your dreams come true, persistence can be highly rewarding. Don't ever forget that.


Via Giovanni da Verazzano 20
10129 - Turin - Italy
Ph/Fax: +39 011 5684281
e-mail: info@ebloodclothing.com
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