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website: www.fabrica.it

fabrica, creative lab
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organisation: Fabrica
country: Italy
type of activity: research & development in communication field

what: Fabrica is the Benetton Research and Development Communication Centre. Fabrica is housed in a stunning building designed by the Japanese architect Tadao Ando and is situated outside Treviso in northern Italy. Led by an international team, Fabrica supports the creative development of young artists/researchers from all over the world. After a tough selection process, Fabrica invites young artists to participate in a range of communication activities: cinema, graphics, design and music, as part of Colors Magazine, or in multimedia and photography.

how: in its role as a laboratory of applied creativity (its name comes from the Latin word meaning ‘workshop’), Fabrica deals with new forms of communication, following two key principles: a hands-on approach to training (young interns are invited to ‘learn by doing’), and a multi-disciplinary approach. Cross-fertilisation and interactivity are developed through teamwork, involving different roles and disciplines working on a central idea and focusing on cultural identity (whose plurality is guaranteed by the mix of young people from countries with different languages, cultures and attitudes).

activities: Fabrica’s departments run a wide range of activities in different communications branches. Among others, they publish ‘Colors’ (colorsmagazine.com), a bimonthly magazine sold in 70 countries, published in 7 editions and 8 languages. Founded in 1994, it is based on the conviction that cultural difference is a richness to be protected, and that all cultures are equally valuable.

Fabrica’s young designers are working on innovative projects in several fields: graphic, fashion, interiors and industrial design... One of these avant-garde projects is Nomad, an interior furnishing system for people on the move who need simple, temporary furniture.

Fabrica carried out several well-known communication campaigns, earning critical praise and international awards. Many different partners were involved: from organisations like FAO, UNO, UNHCR and SOS Racisme to cultural bodies and museums in various countries.

In 1998, Fabrica Cinema was created continuing the systematic intervention in favour of the new independent voices of the cinema of the ‘rest of the world’ (particularly Africa, Arab countries, Asia, Latin America).

Fabrica Musica was created with the idea of exploring new forms of communication in music through the creativity of artist-experimenters from around the world. The official debut took place at the Roma-Europa Festival in October 2000 with the multimedia concert “Voices” guest-starring David Moss, the acclaimed American vocalist. On December 4th 2001, in Rome's Campidoglio, it was the turn of “Drops On A Hot Stone”, a project created in collaboration with United Nations Volunteers.

communicating sustainability: for the International Year of Volunteers, the celebrations of which culminated on December 5th 2001, Fabrica contributed to the creation of the Benetton institutional campaign “Volunteers in Colors” realised in collaboration with United Nations Volunteers, the UN programme that, for the past thirty years, has promoted volunteerism around the world. During the campaign’s conception stage, Fabrica investigated various ways of being a volunteer in today’s world, focusing on the more unusual aspects and showing that devoting one's time to others also leads to self-improvement and to achieving a better quality of life.

join the team: if you are looking for a place of study and/or job opportunities in the communication field, then Fabrica is really an interesting place to visit…

  • grants: are you 25 (or younger)? Can you speak English and use technical equipment related to your field? If the answer is yes, then you merely have to send a printed copy of your portfolio (not the original), a letter of application and a letter of reference from a person who knows your work intimately and.... cross your fingers: your application for a scholarship to Fabrica is done! Applications are accepted throughout the year and may be written in English, Italian or French.

  • jobs: Fabrica is a growing ideas laboratory that periodically looks for new heads to integrate into its team. Among other talents, Fabrica needs young writers able to create texts for a wide range of applications, from advertising copy to original works for new books. Fabrica writers are expected to collaborate with high profile artists, directors, screenwriters, publishers and authors from around the world to produce powerful and original approaches to the written word (writing@fabrica.it). Check the Fabrica web page to find out what talents they are currently looking for!


via Ferrarezza,
31050 Catena di Villorba (TV), Italy
ph +39 0422 516228
fax +39 0422 609088
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