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Adaptive Environments (AE) is a Boston based, international non-profit organisation researching, gathering and promoting the most current ideas and information on Human-Centered/Universal Design from around the world. [www.adaptiveenvironments.org]recommended YXC

BASIX (the Building Sustainability Index) - is a web-based planning tool that measures the potential performance of new residential dwellings against sustainability indices. The system of BASIX...is reasonably easy to use and, applied to individual houses, it will make a significant contribution to improved sustainability by reducing water and energy consumption. [www.basix.nsw.gov.au] updated specialised or technical site

Carebridge - a cooperative of relief, sustainability and information technology organisations dedicated to whole-systems, community-based design and development for displaced populations. This site is a clearinghouse for information and technologies. It is also a forum for sharing research, field experiences, resources and ideas. [www.carebridge.info/]

EcoConstruction.org - Searchable database of recycled and reclaimed materials for construction in the UK. Also includes information on the need to recycle and the environmental impact of construction. [www.ecoconstruction.org] recommended

European Competition for Bioclimatic Urban Redevelopment - serves the cross-border development and realisation of sustainable (rehabilitation) concepts for the revitalisation of urban fallow grounds, including renewable energies. The competition makes special demands on the sustainability of the concepts to be developed. In addition to ecological aspects, also social and economic aspects have to be considered. [www.eu-competition.org/eu/eng/city.html]

Green Building Information Centre (GBIC) - Canadian site that disseminates information about energy and environmental issues in the building sector. It includes a broad range of information from other sources and organizations around the world, all of which are separately identified. [greenbuilding.ca] updated specialised or technical site

GreenBlue - acts as a catalyst to transform the making of things... encouraging and enabling the widespread adoption and implementation of sustainable thinking and design. “We are here to prove that cradle-to-cradle (C2C) design principles really work, and to foster projects that realize these principles.” Have specific questions about implementing C2C design? Want to connect with others in the GreenBlue circle? Have ideas for improving the theory or practice of Cradle to Cradle Design? Join C2Cweb! [www.greenblue.org] recommended recommended updated

International Union of Architects Hosts Student Competition - in preparation for the XXII World Congress of Architecture, which will convene in July 2005 in Istanbul, sponsoring body UIA challenges students to designing spaces in ‘extreme’ locales: places that are extraordinary in terms of geographic location; topography; flora; climate; and/or social, economical and political conditions. The grand prize winner will receive $7000 from UNESCO; other awards will also be given to deserving projects by the UIA member sections and sponsors. [www.uia2005istanbul.org/engine.php?ID=33]

Natural Home magazine - provides practical ideas, inspiring examples, and expert opinions about healthy, ecologically sound, beautiful homes. [www.naturalhomemagazine.com]

RIBA Journal Sustainability Award - established in 2000, this prize rewards the building that demonstrates most elegantly and durably the principles of sustainable architecture. This is the only award for which the shortlist is not revisited, instead the experts consider the environmental credentials of schemes as submitted by the architects and clients. [www.architecture.com/go/Architecture/Also/Awards_3992.html]recommended updated

RICS Awards - celebrate the best new projects in the built environment. The RICS Awards consist of four categories: building conservation; regeneration; sustainability and community benefit. This year the judges will be looking for examples of innovation from each of the submitted entries and may chose to award the discretionary ‘Building of the Year’ award to any entrant that satisfies this criteria. [www.rics.org/AboutRICS/RICSAwards/RICSSustainabilityAward] updated

Sustainable Leadership Awards – celebrate the dedication and leadership of architects and interior designers (individual or firm) committed to sustainable design issues in the commercial built environment, in particular the corporate workplace. [www2.corenetglobal.org/learning/sustainable_design_awards_2004.vsp]

US Green Building Council - aims to be the centre for debate and action on environmental issues facing the construction industry's multiple interests. Includes details of their publications. [www.usgbc.org] updated specialised or technical site

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