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Planet Earth is facing a severe global crisis. Inefficient consumption and production patterns are putting an unbearable strain on our planet. youthxchange is designed to help trainers and individuals to understand and communicate on sustainable lifestyles.
respecting our bodies looking for a place social belonging
packaging yourself carrying the torch pay the right price
awakening your soul clean up your fun looking ahead
  respecting our bodies Taking care of our bodies is the starting point of the construction of our own identityÖ

health is wealth
 > self-fulfilment
 > responsible sport
 > safe sex
 > alternative medicine
 > less chemicals
 > body damage

eat & drink organic
 > what's on my plate
 > junk food reality
 > food market

beautiful world
 > eco-friendly cosmetics

Nutrition, health & beauty are the three pillars of this room. A lot of disparities still exist globally concerning food and health care access. We live in a world of strong contrasts! Thatís why FACTS & FIGURES put together [hunger] and [obesity], [organic food] and [harmful eating], [meat consumption] and [water pollution]: they are all faces of the same coin! The world is complex but there are simple ways to start changing it! Have a look at the DEPíT STORE to discover organic food & drink products - [organic ice cream], [innocent drinks] - cruelty free [certified cosmetics], [natural medicine] remedies etc. Come and see how a simple T-shirt can became a smart and ironic way to oppose factory farming and promote a sustainable food production system [meatrix]; or how buying a football can become a way to assure all the children of the world their right to play [let kids have fun]. And thatís not all! For the incurably curious, the JOBS section offers spotlights and cool contacts on associations advocating for animal rights [coalition to end animal experiments], to assure every person in the world the right to practise sports [sport for all association], and much more. If you are a trainer you will probably enjoy taking a glance at the TRAINERíS ROOM section. Here you will find plenty of classwork ideas concerning, for example, how to organise a [school canteen bio-planning] or on [reading food labels]. And if after having strolled about this room you feel ready to challenge yourself, then go straight to the TEST & PLAY section to [test your taste] and... amuse yourself!
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