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Planet Earth is facing a severe global crisis. Inefficient consumption and production patterns are putting an unbearable strain on our planet. youthxchange is designed to help trainers and individuals to understand and communicate on sustainable lifestyles.
respecting our bodies looking for a place social belonging
packaging yourself carrying the torch pay the right price
awakening your soul clean up your fun looking ahead
empowering young consumers for a better world!
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[00_Acknowledgement & Foreword] [01_Introducing Sustainable Consumption] [02_The YXC Project] [03_Switching to Sustainable Lifestyles] [04_Take Care] [05_Getting Around] [06_Getting Away] [07_Reduce Waste] [08_Optimise Energies] [09_Forecast the Weather] [10_Save Water, Safe Water] [11_Purchase without pain] [12_Live et let live] [13_Take action] [14_Discover the global village] [15_Networking: Directions for Use] [ANNEX_Sources]

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