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Planet Earth is facing a severe global crisis. Inefficient consumption and production patterns are putting an unbearable strain on our planet. youthxchange is designed to help trainers and individuals to understand and communicate on sustainable lifestyles.
respecting our bodies looking for a place social belonging
packaging yourself carrying the torch pay the right price
awakening your soul clean up your fun looking ahead
  carrying the torch Education gives us the instrument to understand and interpret the world around usÖ

building knowledge
 > formal & informal education
 > tackling illiteracy
 > focus on consumption
 > using the media

preserving diversity
 > bio & cultural diversity
 > threatened sites
 > memory watch
 > cultural exchange

shaping tomorrow
 > creating a family
 > intergenerational exchange
 > designing communities

In our travel towards sustainability, education has an essential role to play: it ensures for us a better, more fulfilling and prosperous existence. Thanks to it we can read, analyse, communicate, and make informed choices (for instance, switching to more sustainable lifestyles). But hundreds of millions of kids around the world still remain out of school. Thatís why the FACTS & FIGURES section points out the need to ensure a fairer distribution of resources to increase [enrolment & literacy] and reduce [illiteracy rates]. And we can learn in different ways: at school as well as from life's experiences, and from our cultural heritage [world languages]. The world of education is changing and ICT is becoming a more and more important tool to provide online educational services such as those displayed in the DEPíT STORE. Worldwide, several organisations are working hard for the integration of technology into the learning process [distance edu services] and to improve citizensí awareness through media literacy [casseurs de pub]. Curious to know more about them? Surf through our JOBS section; discover how we can act to transform the media environment, reducing gender discrimination [media watch] and intolerance. In the TRAINERíS ROOM, learn how to read between the lines [food & drinks ads], or how to decode the hidden message in advertising [role models & body stereotypes]. And now, do you feel ready to challenge yourself... to check the impact of advertising in your daily consumption choices? If so, then come and enjoy the [to buy or not to buy?] game in the TEST & PLAY section.
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