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Planet Earth is facing a severe global crisis. Inefficient consumption and production patterns are putting an unbearable strain on our planet. youthxchange is designed to help trainers and individuals to understand and communicate on sustainable lifestyles.
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  clean up your fun Entertainment & leisure activities may be excellent means to raise environmental awareness and citizenship…

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The key-word here is leisure. Are you among those who think that sustainable consumption is an interesting topic but risks making your life boring? Well, this room will astonish you! No-waste parties, zero emission venues, sharing meals with friends, all show that it is very much possible to enjoy yourself while acting as a responsible consumer. Are you sure you already know enough about the ‘entertainment planet’? Come to the FACTS & FIGURES section to discover more on [music], [videogames], [cultural goods] and many other ways to have a great time! Have you ever thought that entertainment can become a strong instrument to enhance solidarity and increase a sense of citizenship? Well, all throughout this room you’ll be surprised to see how leisure activities can be easily directed towards sustainability: in the DEP’T STORE, for example, we suggest that you look into [sustainable walkman], and CDs like [music for the earth] about US Native American cultural heritage preservation. Not completely persuaded? Visit the JOBS section to meet our friend [Chris Martin], Coldplay’s lead singer, who has supported the ‘Make Trade Fair’ campaign since its launch in 2002. The school party can also be an opportunity to act sustainably: check the TRAINER’S ROOM to get ideas on how to organise a green party. Eventually, you’ll agree that becoming environmentally conscious and socially committed is not that boring! Do you feel reassured? More relaxed? Then take the time to TEST & PLAY with us at the [green olympics] game and... keep cool!
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