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Planet Earth is facing a severe global crisis. Inefficient consumption and production patterns are putting an unbearable strain on our planet. youthxchange is designed to help trainers and individuals to understand and communicate on sustainable lifestyles.
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packaging yourself carrying the torch pay the right price
awakening your soul clean up your fun looking ahead
  pay the right price Money is not the only value to be considered when buying a product…

who pays the bill?
 > preserving biodiversity
 > minimising waste
 > saving water
 > tackling pollution

fair & respectful
 > fair trade
 > eco-efficiency
 > corporate responsibility
 > public procurement
 > eco & ethical labels
 > consumers in action

financing sustainability
 > micro-credit
 > ethical investments

What do you pay for? This room offers a behind-the-scenes look at the things we use on a daily basis. Have you ever thought that with responsible consumption - buying what we really need, produced the way we want - we can contribute to creating the world we'd like to live in? You’ll find tons of FACTS & FIGURES on natural resources use, ecological [footprint], water [pollution], [coral reefs] and [wetlands] depletion, and issues such as [child labour] etc., displayed here to make visible the environmental and social impacts of our consumption patterns. We - as consumers - have the power to change the world by asking for greener and more ethical products and services! The DEP’T STORE shows that change has already started! In the marketplace, in fact, sustainably produced goods, such as [fair-trade coffee], are continuously easier to find. If you feel ready to take action but need to learn more about the issues at stake, you should absolutely know about the [state of the world]: a great publication from our Worldwatch Institute friends! And don’t forget that through consumers’ organisations and networking you can make your voice heard louder! The JOBS focus gathers together a wide range of experiences in this direction. Get inspired surfing through the TRAINER’S ROOM: [reading food labels] could improve your ability to ‘pay the right price’!. Contribute to [clean up the world!] and make sure that the stuff you are willing to buy is good for the environment, or double-check your consumer smarts with the [to buy or not to buy?] game in the TEST & PLAY section.
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