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Planet Earth is facing a severe global crisis. Inefficient consumption and production patterns are putting an unbearable strain on our planet. youthxchange is designed to help trainers and individuals to understand and communicate on sustainable lifestyles.
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How innovation & creativity can help us building more sustainable societies…

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Innovation and creativity are the key words of this room! Take a look at the recent scientific and technological advances that can help us move towards more sustainable lifestyles. Check out FACTS & FIGURES for up-to-date information about the consequences of our dependence on [fossil fuels], the development status of renewable energy sources - [solar] [wind energy] [hydro] [biomass] [geothermal] [hydrogen] - the relation between our energy consumption at home - [housing impact] - and climate change - [a warmer planet]. Discover the initiatives undertaken to assure energy [access & consumption] for everyone in the world. And how can we overcome the increasingly wider digital divide? Here you will find stories and data on clever solutions to improve [internet access] and/or on how to use technologies (both ‘high’ and ‘low’) to reduce poverty and inequalities. Bear in mind that simple alternatives can make a big change! The DEP’T STORE displays several examples of smart, innovative products such as [green office paper] that have made conspicuous savings possible! Take a walk through the JOBS section to see how a clever idea, at the right place and time, can be the key to professional success. This is what happened to our friend [Fabio Rosa], a Brazilian social entrepreneur whose aim is to provide low-cost electricity to the Brazilian rural poor. Now it’s your turn to build your own real utopia.
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