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website: www.dyson.com

innovative vacuum cleaner
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organisation: Dyson
country: UK
type of biz: home appliances manufacturing
distribution: worldwide

who: when James Dyson launched his first vacuum cleaner in 1993, its Dual Cyclone technology represented the first major breakthrough in vacuum cleaner mechanics since their invention in 1901. It took him 10 years to develop the technology after noticing that bags in traditional vacuum cleaners quickly became clogged with dust, losing suction. Dyson now sells 18 different innovative vacuum cleaners in 23 countries.

what: “In 1978, I became frustrated with my vacuum cleaner – it quickly clogged with dust, destroying the suction. I set about solving this problem. More than 5,000 prototypes later, I was at last able to launch the DCO1, with patented Dyson Dual Cyclone™ technology, the first vacuum cleaner that didn’t lose suction. We have now developed the Root12 Cyclone™ to give even higher suction power to pick up more dust from your home.”

A few improvements were made in vacuum cleaner technology over the years since its invention, including the introduction of re-usable paper bags, but there were no more revolutionary developments until James Dyson introduced the Cyclone - the first bag-less dual cyclone machine. The most recent of these relate to Dyson Radix Cyclone™ technology, a revolutionary system achieving even higher constant suction, increased dust separation and better pick up performance to collect and retain even more dirt and allergens in the home.

product: DC11 telescope. Features:

  • smallest package: no unwieldy wand or hose to fall over.

  • smallest space: unlike other machines, it stores neatly out of the way.

  • the most powerful canister, room after room: Dyson Root12Cyclone™ technology. By making the air stream spin, dirt and debris are subjected to centrifugal force. The dirt and debris are thrown out of the air. Because the airflow is unobstructed there's nothing to clog, so suction power remains constant.

  • light to manoeuvre clean air turbine head: adjusts to all floor types to protect delicate rugs and bare floors.

  • high efficiency energy-saving motor

  • no extra costs: lifetime filters that don't clog, no bags to buy.

  • HEPA Filtration

  • approved for allergy sufferers by BAF: retains microscopic particles.

  • hygienic and quick to empty: you don't need to touch the dust - just push the button to empty the dirt quickly and hygienically.

  • durable tough construction: made from ABS and polycarbonate, materials used to manufacture crash helmets, cars and pipelines.

  • 2 year limited warranty

  • tools on board for easy tool access

  • suction release trigger: it reduces suction, so that you can clean curtains, upholstery or delicate rugs without them sticking to the cleaner. No need to bend down to adjust dials or switches.

  • protective rubber wheels: gentle on delicate surfaces.

  • clear bin™ - no bags to buy: you can see how well the Dyson works; you can always tell when it’s full; it’s easy to empty; you can retrieve lost objects
price: $499.99 (including shipping costs)

looking ahead: Dyson works closely with teachers and students in schools and universities on a range of educational initiatives, hoping to inspire more young people to see design and technology as an exciting area, full of potential. By communicating with teachers and students, creating resources and establishing awards, Dyson encourages design and innovation at the primary, secondary and tertiary levels. The organisation hopes to inspire more young people to make a brighter industrial future. The Australian Design Award - Dyson Student Design Awards, a joint initiative launched in 2002 with Standards Australia, is one example of how Dyson is bringing this vision to fruition.

awards: some of the awards Dyson has won: Industrial Design Prize of America, James Dyson - Designer of the Decade, European Design Prize, Millennium Products - Design Council, Prince Philip's Designer's Prize, Ideal Home Award - Best Filtration Upright, Good Design Award – Japan, British Allergy Foundation Seal of Approval

cool contact: Dyson’s website is full of interesting advice and tips for future engineering career students.

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