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“There are no passengers on spaceship earth. We are all crew.”
MARSHALL MCLUHAN, Canadian educator, philosopher, and scholar, professor of English literature, literary critic, and communications theorist. *

Sustainable consumption is not only a question of quantity (e.g. consuming less to reduce waste). It is also a matter of quality: the way we use and dispose of goods and services can make a big difference in terms of impacts on our planet life and natural resources durability (ecological footprint). For example, using private car instead of public transport can be in some cases impossible to avoid. But sharing our cars with friends or work colleagues could be a smart way to concretely contribute to traffic reduction and, by consequent, to CO2 emission reduction. This is the spirit of the games gathered here. How fare from sustainable your consumption habits are? How responsible are your consumption behaviours? How many planets would we need if all humans consumed as you do? What’s your ecological footprint? YXC has gathered together a number of provocative games to help you answering these questions. Caution: these quizzes may surprise you, shock you, or make you think. Please remain calm... but not too calm!!
  • Take the How green are you? [www.cat.org.uk/information/information.tmpl?sku=info_hgayq&cart= 1112201667170426&subdir=information] quiz, published by the UK Centre for Alternative Technology, and learn 25 ways to help saving the planet! Some suggestions are easier than others; some are OK for country dwellers but impossible for high-rise tenants; and, paradoxically, some are easier for those on low incomes. So here are 25 ideas from which you can pick, mix and apply equally at home, school and workplace. Check them and see how much you already do to save the planet! (B)

  • How sustainable are you? [www.ninelives.tv/quiz/quiz.htm] - take a few minutes to answer the 9 questions of this sustainability quiz to know how you could switch to a more sustainable lifestyle… This test has been published by ninelives campaign, a sustainable development program launched by the Brighton & Hove City Council Local Agenda 21 project in the UK! (B)

  • Ecological footprint quiz [www.myfootprint.org] - ever wondered how much ‘nature’ your lifestyle requires? You're about to find out. Published by Redefining Progress (RP), an international organisation working with a broad array of partners to shift the economy and public policy towards sustainability, this quiz estimates how much productive land and water you need to support what you use and what you discard. After answering 15 easy questions you'll be able to compare your Ecological Footprint to what other people use and to what is available on this planet. (A)

  • Play the role of UK Prime Minister Tony Blair with the power generation game [www.greenpeace.org.uk/Templates/template3_view.cfm?UCIDParam=20020819121915] and give your contribution to stop global warming choosing alternative to oil, coal and gas. What would you do if you were such an important decision-maker? How would you act to improve your citizens’ wellbeing? (B)

  • Take the Pollution Prevention Quiz [www.deq.state.id.us/waste/educ_tools/p2_quiz.cfm], proposed in its website by the Idaho Departement of Environmental Quality (USA), to assess what you do and how much you know about energy, transportation, water, solid waste, cleaning, yard and lawn care, and painting. There's information behind every answer, so try as many times as you want and learn more each time. (B)

  • EcoLogic is a new Australian exhibition about the way we use the world. It's about hopes, fears, imagination and action. It's about redesigning the way we live. Bigfoot is an interactive program in the EcoLogic exhibition and playable on this site [www.powerhousemuseum.com/education/ecologic/games.htm]. It estimates the size of your ecological footprint from your answers to 15 questions on what are your life patterns and behaviours. (B)
* Marshall McLuhan, once referred to as the ‘Oracle of the Electronic Age’, is perhaps best known for his phrase turned into book title, The Medium is the Massage. He is one of the founders of the study of media ecology and is today an honorary guru among technophiles.
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