title: think globally,
clean locally

company: AromaNature
country: France
products: handmade soaps, basically made out from natural ingredients.
distribution: worldwide via internet and local selling points

With respect to industrially manufactured soaps, the components of the AromaNature products better respect the skin and health. They contain only vegetal and essential oils, without preservatives. Moreover they maintain their natural glycerine (thanks to the handicraft process). The colours are made from herbs and leaves, clay and spices. A range of soaps for different needs are available together with balms and natural oils on their website, as well as recipes for do-it-yourself, a forum for discussion and an information section.

special features: AromaNature soaps are made directly on-site. The company is located in South-West France in the regions of Landes, Béarn and Basque Country, making possible easier access to local components, such as sheep milk or Pyrenean honey. They are on sale on internet or at regional markets, local fair trades and other small companies’ events in villages of Southern France and Northern Spain.

prices: € 4.50 each soap; vegetal oils, between € 5 and 7.