title: HOW MUCH IS

Many items are thrown away each year, which could be repaired, reused or recycled…
  • each year, we generate millions of tons of trash: durable goods (tires, appliances, furniture, computers, electronics) and non-durable goods (paper, certain disposable products, clothing) account for several million tons of the solid waste stream;

  • container and packaging waste is a significant component of the global waste stream as well. These materials include glass, aluminium, plastics, steel and other metals, and paper and paperboard: precious resources that should be saved;

  • throwing away things wastes resources. It wastes the raw materials and energy used in making the items and it wastes money. Reducing waste means less environmental impact, less resources and energy are used - and it saves money.
Individual consumers can substantially reduce solid waste by following these basic principles:
  • reduce the amount of trash discarded;

  • reuse containers and products;

  • recycle, use recycled materials, and compost;