title: build your lesson
using yxc


The YXC website has been developed to make you easier bring sustainability at school. How? By providing you, all along the site, with stories/case studies useful to catch the attention and introduce sometime complex issues such as energy consumption, waste, biodiversity... YXC stories are supported by statistics, links to real URLs, interviews (success stories), and other documents.

why using cases - main goals:

bullet catching the attention (could you imagine that…?);

bullet testing students’ knowledge (did you know that…?);

bullet providing trainers and students with evidence to support their arguing (it shows that…);

bullet helping students connect theory and practice;

bullet developing critical thinking (what would you do in this situation?) and understanding of the often complex relationship between the social, economic, and environmental conditions in a country;

bullet raising awareness and stimulate students’ action (what can we do to achieve this goal?).

cases main values:

bullet example value (make complex issues easier to understand);

bullet emotional value (bring students in contact with real-life, real persons experiences);

bullet testimonial value (see what has been/is being done).

On the YXC site, all has been conceived to help the achievement of these main goals. The 9 thematic rooms as well as the utilities contribute together, even if with different communication styles, to tell the same story: that of our trip towards sustainability.


To help you assembling your lesson, YXC have put at your disposition several tools:

bullet case studies: stories to catch students’ curiosity and introduce, through ‘key questions’, the training activity.

bullet utilities: ‘case studies’ are supported by a wide range of documents gathered in the different ‘utilities’: the atlas and statistics of the facts & figures; the professional experiences and success stories told in the jobs; the products and services of the dep’t store; the classwork activities suggested in the trainer’s room; the funny exercises proposed in the test & play section, and finally, the links section to develop in-depth researches in a specific domain.

bullet related issues: you know better than others what are the top pedagogical priorities of your classes. Hence, it’s up to you to establish how much a certain topic should be deepen, to chose the approach and the time to consecrate to it. Notwithstanding, to help you building your lesson, YXC has conceived the ‘related issues’. They’re a (non exhaustive) list of documents ‘related’ to the case studies topic. They have been conceived to help you identifying at a first glance the main ‘one-topic-related’ documents available on the YXC site.

Finally, the YXC 'case studies' and 'utilities' put in your hands all you need to tell your students the passionate story of a sustainable world… Good work!