company: Conai and F.lli Guzzini
country: Italy
product: eco-bins
distribution: worldwide

who: CONAI (Consorzio Nazionale Imballaggi) is a private, not-for-profit Italian organisation composed of producers and users of packaging. In accordance with regional and local authorities, the consortium sets up collection and recovery operating plans, organises information campaigns and allocates the costs of collection. With a membership of 1,400,000 companies, CONAI is one of the largest consortiums in Europe, a clear testimony to the massive consensus of the business world regarding the aims of recovering recyclable materials and the model chosen to do this.

what: separated collection could be increased by more practical and – why not? – better-looking and smarter objects that become part of our every-day domestic setting. In this sense designers should consider eco-bins as a new category of products that must be carefully designed. That is why Conai promoted the “International Design Competition Online: New Domestic Trashscape” in 2002 in collaboration with, an Italian design promotion association, and F.lli Guzzini, a leading company in the production of household plasticware. The aim of the initiative was to promote new aesthetic and practical forms for containers to facilitate differentiated disposal of household waste.

the winners: Alex Titone (author of the “Xbaggage”, see photo above) for the category of professional designers and Paolo Nataletti in the student category, were the winners of the international competition. The winning projects, selected by a jury chaired by the renowned architect Ettore Sottsass, will soon be put into production thanks to the contribution of Fratelli Guzzini.

sustainable features: recycling means an efficient use of material and a decrease in pressures on the environment (less energy, emissions, use of raw materials, and – above all - fewer landfills). In order to improve the good habit of separate collection, specifically designed containers like eco-bins become an essential domestic asset. “Xbaggage” and other trashscape devices will soon be hitting the market!