company: Smeg
country: Italy
product: greenhouse/household appliance
distribution: worldwide

organisation: Smeg is an Italian firm specialised in the production of household appliances. Thanks to its advanced R&D in the materials and technology sector, the company aims to reach aesthetic perfection and the highest levels of safety. In this way Smeg proposes a more comfortable design which can be inserted into a simpler and more elementary lifestyle.

product: Serra Domestica is a greenhouse/household appliance that offers the possibility of creating a small garden inside one’s own home, overcoming the difficulties related to the lack of humidity or light. Made of steel and tempered glass, Serra Domestica allows genuine home gardening on a small scale. Aromatic herbs can be planted in pots, along with cactus and green and flowering plants that are acclimated to your apartment. Temperature, humidity and luminosity sensors recreate environments that are suitable for the growth and upkeep of plants of all types, whether full-grown or from seeds. A special function allows the user to heat the earth in pots, thus making it easier for cuttings to take root. Serra Domestica can be placed on top of any surface or on its own pedestal.

sustainability features: gardening activities are more and more often recognised as both a physical and a psychological benefit. Quietly tending your garden or vegetable patch is a real stress-buster, helping relieve feelings of anxiety and giving you a break from the general rush of life.