organisation: various companies
country: Italy
product: eco-boilers
distribution: national or worldwide (depending on producers)

context: home appliances are the world's fastest-growing consumer of energy after automobiles -accounting for 12% of industrialised countries’ greenhouse gas emissions.* As far as Europe is concerned, space heating has been estimated as being the largest energy-using activity in households and water heating the third biggest energy consumer.** The good news is that in recent years manufacturers have developed new and better heating appliances that have less environmental impact.

products: in Italy, for example, eco-designers and producers have joined technological innovation with the latest design trends to develop a wide range of eco-boilers. As the name may suggest, these are boilers that assure low air pollution and energy and water savings. Here are a few examples of what is already available on the marketplace:

  • Ecoconcept boilers []: condensation premixed wall boilers, from the Ecoconcept series, guarantee a drop in gas consumption with any type of system and/or heating body. Since they are premixed, they vent near-zero contaminating fume emissions. The ‘domitop dgt low nox’ model, for example, assures low atmospheric pollution (nitrogen oxides –Nox- and carbon oxides –CO- emissions) and the possibility of direct, rather than roof-top discharge (where allowed by the legislation in force).

  • Ecogreen boiler []: Ecogreen condensation boilers come equipped with a special fibro-ceramic burner called Irsol®, on whose surface mixed air and gas are burned. A sort of incandescence – not a flame – is created, diffusing heat by radiation. The advantages offered by condensation and radiation cause the boiler to produce a great deal of heat (108%) with near-zero contaminating emissions. Electronic temperature control guarantees big energy savings.

  • BenessereEco boiler [ Italian version only]: the BenessereEco air-suction wall boiler is characterised by a special burner that gives off minimal emissions, resulting in a reduction in its impact on the environment. An exclusive system modulates the flow of air and gas in accordance with variations in the power called for by the system, guaranteeing a high yield with minimal power consumption, and hence big savings in energy. The Well-being Key ensures delivery of hot water at a constant temperature (38 °C); moreover, the Rapid Key makes it possible to cut hot water waiting times, thus reducing water consumption.
* Worldwatch Institute, ‘Good Stuff? A Behind-the-Scenes Guide to the Things We Buy’.
** L. Michaelis, S. Lorek, ‘Consumption and the Environment in Europe. Trends and Futures’, Environmental Project No. 904, 2004.