organisation: Caframo Limited
country: Canada
type of biz: sustainable living technologies
distribution: worldwide

product: Ecofan allows you to maximise the warmth achieved from precious timber resources by boosting your woodstove’s efficiency up to 30%. Using simple thermodynamic technology, the hotter your stove gets, the faster it quietly propels heat back into your living space, all the while using zero electricity. Peak performance occurs at surface temperatures of 200-370°C. A temperature sensitive bimetal strip on the unit tilts it slightly to prevent overheating. Made of anodised aluminium, fans won’t rust or corrode. The thermoelectric generator starts the fan automatically and adjusts speed according to stove temperature. The hotter your stove gets, the faster it runs...

how does it work: laboratory tests have shown a 30% faster increase in temperature on a wall 30 feet (about 9m) from the woodstove using the Ecofan. When two dissimilar semiconductors (p-type and n-type) at the same temperature are connected together they establish a static electric potential difference. With the introduction of a temperature difference, heat flows across the joined semiconductors, which in turn permits electrons to flow. With the electron flow or current comes the ability to power electrical devices such as the fan's motor.

sustainability features: it’s great in terms of energy saving! As the Ecofan uses only the heat from the stove, it costs nothing to run. It doesn't plug in, there are no batteries, and it can be used where there is no electricity.