company: International Summer Academy of Wallonia
country: Belgium
product: dance, music, visual & performing arts workshops
distribution: Belgium

what: the International Summer Academy has been organising artistic and cultural activities for forty-two years. Every year, more than 2,000 participants from many different countries take part in a large number of workshops that mix beginners with the experienced in the learning arts such as music, dance, theatre, cinema, and plastic arts.

why: based on an open concept of training experience, the workshops intend to

  • enhance the vocational attitude of their participants (helping them in discovering and following their passions);

  • highlight the role of inter-generational and multi-cultural exchange and,

  • address their ability for self-expression, empowering the attendees to make informed (and happy) cultural choices.
how: you can find contemporary and classical music, jazz, traditional dance, theatre and much more by checking out the Academy’s web page.

when: the workshops are held every year in July in Libramont and Neufchâteau, the heart of the Belgian Ardennes.

sustainability features: “The International Summer Academy of Wallonia does not have as its goal the formatting of individuals, the production of ‘stars’ or the manufacturing of future winners of TV reality shows. On the contrary, our institution defines itself as an alternative made up of human beings keen on (ex)changing and determining their own destiny” [David Urban, Academy Director]

So the workshops’ motto could be: “Dream, enjoy, and discover your talent (and yourself) - but without false myths.” Show biz has everything to do with artificially manipulating our hopes and dreams. A sustainable lifestyle, on the other hand, includes nurturing the abilities and fulfilling the aspirations of all people, the Summer Academy offers its attendees the opportunity to find their own path towards personal creativity and expression.