company: Greenpeace Foundation, Save the Children, Africa's Child, The Hunger Site, For Society
country: US and UK
product: donation services (?)
distribution: worldwide

There are many ways to make ethical contributions. In order to simplify donation procedures, many organisations have adopted a series of practical tools. What follows is a short overview of the most accredited ones.

The Greenpeace Foundation, a no-nonsense advocate for species conservation and biodiversity on a healthy planet, has recently introduced the credit card pledge option. This program offers the possibility to pledge a fixed monthly amount to the Greenpeace Foundation campaign of your choice. Each month Greenpeace Foundation will deduct the amount you indicate from your card, and send you an e-mail thank you note and receipt. The Pledge Program is more than a one-time donation, it's a decision to be part of the GPFDN team every day of the year. Donors authorise GP to receive a contribution automatically from their charge card: even a pledge of $5 per month keeps a lot of action happening.

Save the Children, a well-known international organisation working in the UK and across the world in providing emergency relief which runs alongside long-term development and prevention programmes to help children, their families and communities to be self-sufficient, offers donors a Visa credit card. The newly launched Save the Children Platinum card means that you can make giving to Save the Children part of everyday life in an easy way. Donors can choose between the Save the Children fixed interest rate Platinum card (fixed until five years after the account is opened) or the Save the Children advantage Platinum card where the interest rate is variable. You will never be asked to pay an annual fee for the card, and you can enjoy discounts for thousands of full-brochure priced holidays. Donors can also choose the Save the Children standard credit card. Every time you use it, for shopping, for holidays or for gifts, you will be helping to give children better access to education worldwide.

Africa's Child Long Distance is a long distance service for Africa's Child provided by PowerNet Global Communications. Founded in 1992, PowerNet Global Communications pioneered simple, flat rate, long-distance services coupled with excellent customer support.

By subscribing to one or more of their communications products and services (from wireless phone service, to satellite TV, to high speed internet access), people can help Africa's AIDS orphans. It offers everything and much more. Switching to the state to state long distance phone service is as low as 3.45 cents a minute with no monthly fees. Then every month, at no cost to consumers, the organisation donates 6% of a customer’s monthly bill to World Vision, one of the most important humanitarian relief organisations in the world. All donations go directly to World Vision's African AIDS orphan relief programs.

The Hunger Site includes a Give Free Food button. Your click helps feed the hungry with the value of 1.1 cups of food staple to people in need around the world. 100% of collected revenue from site sponsorships goes to the hunger relief efforts of Mercy Corps and America's Second Harvest. If you want to do more to fight hunger, the site offers you the possibility of purchasing merchandise in The Hunger Site store, where you can buy “Gifts that Give More”, Hunger Site apparel, wreaths, amber, gemstones and pearl jewellery, Best Selling items and more. Every purchase generates 25 cups of food.

For Society provides an avenue for individuals to assist socially responsible organisations via online consumer purchases. The organisation’s mission is to aid the partnership between retail America and non-profit organisations through commissions provided by affiliated businesses. is partnered with hundreds of online retail stores who send it a commission for every purchase made through their websites. The organisation, in turn, redistributes 100% of that commission (no operational cost is taken out) to the non-profit/charitable organisation that donors choose to support.