company: Earth Tones
country: USA
product: wireless and long distance telephone service, internet access
distribution: USA

who: Earth Tones is a US tele-communications company whose main peculiarity is that 100% of its profits are delivered to environmental organisations. The company was founded by a coalition of non-profit organizations in 1993. Its mission is to provide high-quality tele-communications services while informing customers to help protect the planet. It is structured like a co-op, buying long distance service in bulk from Qwest and other major long distance service providers, and passing the savings to its customers.

Earth Tones send regular Green Alerts to its customers. These monthly updates provide information on pressing environmental issues. Long distance customers even receive toll-free numbers to call US Congress and other decision-makers for free. Finally, all of their services are eco-friendly. Earth Tones’ bills come on 100% recycled paper and electronic, tree-free billing is strongly encouraged. They use recycled wireless handsets and they take care in recycling customers’ old wireless phone.

what: the company offers high-quality long distance telephone service, wireless service and internet access. By subscribing one of these services, the customers automatically supports the following environmental organisations:

  • the State Public Interest Research Groups (PIRGs), a network that acts as watchdog for consumers and the environment in 35 states US nationwide;

  • National Environmental Law Center (NELC) takes illegal polluters to court and develops new policy solutions to protect the environment;

  • the Green Life: this organisation supports different campaigns, sustaining grassroots associations as the Sierra Club and Greenpeace;

  • Toxics Action Center: TAC assists neighborhood groups fighting toxic hazards in their communities;

  • this website aims to organise the power of consumers and investors in order to encourage corporations to make changes in their damaging environmental policies;

  • Recycling Action Campaign intends to pressure corporations, state government, and municipal governments to develop and implement policies to reduce waste and increase recycling;

  • Free the Planet!: its mission is to build support for environmental protections while empowering students – as the next generation of leaders – to revitalize the core of the environmental movement.