country: Malaysia
product: sustainable mobility guide
distribution: worldwide, via internet

what: traditional approaches to transport planning usually mistrust community involvement and insist that transport is a technical matter to be left to the experts. Taking Step Guide has born to let communities, organisations and individuals take action on the issue. The purpose of this guide, in fact, is to introduce urban transport issues to a wider audience than just professional transport planners and experts: a real community action guide for the public on equitable and sustainable urban transport.

who: Paul Barter and Tamim Raad wrote and compiled this guide for the Sustainable Transport Action Network for Asia and the Pacific (the SUSTRAN Network). ISBN 983-40313-0-0. March 2000.

SUSTRAN-Discuss was established in 1996 by the SUSTRAN Resource Centre in Malaysia to provide information and networking services for the Sustainable Transport Action Network for Asia and the Pacific (the SUSTRAN Network). Sustainable transportation regards systems, policies, and technologies. It aims for the efficient transit of goods and services, and sustainable freight and delivery systems. The design of vehicle-free city planning, along with pedestrian and bicycle friendly design of neighbourhoods, is a critical aspect for grassroots activities, as are telework and teleconferencing.

SUSTRAN-Discuss has become the main discussion forum on urban transport in developing countries.

why: many community organisations, journalists and decision-makers need to have an awareness of the basics of urban transport. This book tries to make it easier to learn about these basics.

In most countries of Asia and the Pacific the social and environmental impacts of transportation are escalating. These impacts fall most heavily on people who are already disadvantaged, such as people living in poverty, people with disabilities, those with insecure housing rights, women, and people living in inaccessible areas. Current transport priorities neglect the large proportion of the population in Asian cities who depend on non-motorised transport (NMT) and public transport.It is necessary to improve the effort to involve poor communities, pedestrians, bus riders and non-motorised vehicle users in transport planning. Otherwise only the voices of motorists and big business will be heard. The Taking Step Guide aims at this goal.