title: rethinking luxury

what: Riciclando is an initiative based on the synergy between research and experimentation through the creation of a women's clothing and accessories collection that uses secondary and refuse material. It re-traces and re-discovers the life of alternative and apparently unusable materials.
  • Riciclando 2002: Ied Moda Lab second and third year students of Milan and Turin worked together to give a new interpretation to the concept of luxury in fashion while concentrating on experimentation and attention to the environment. The concept of luxury will no longer lie in precious and showy elements, but instead in the use of materials rich in personality thanks to their apparent poverty. This is a new and effective way to give the new generation the awareness of a world, which can regenerate itself thanks to the use of often ignored materials.

  • Riciclando 2003: a travelling exhibition keyed to making public opinion more sensitive towards protecting the environment and reducing waste through a collection of clothes, jewellery and accessories created from the combination of recycled materials such as used films, plastic bottles, paper, old curtains, electrical wires, glass, car wheels, school bags, metal and many others. In its last edition, the exposition included a collection of over 60 pieces of women’s clothing and accessories created by students of the three-year course in Fashion and Textile Design and 50 photographs taken by the third year students of the Photography department based on their personal research, study and investigation into the theme of recycled materials.
who: founded almost forty years ago, the Istituto Europeo di Design (IED) is a private Italian institute for the training of professionals in the fields of Design, Fashion, Visual Art and Communication. The IED adopts a training methodology that blends ‘knowing’ and ‘know-how’, theory and practice. It has seats in Milan, Rome, Turin, Madrid and Barcelona, and four main teaching divisions: IED Comunicazione, IED Design, IED Arti Visive and IED Moda Lab.